One of the Glen Group subsidiaries, Glen Traffic, specializes in providing customized traffic plans and traffic management solutions. Our expertise lies in creating efficient traffic management plans that ensure safe and smooth traffic flow while considering the unique requirements of each project.

How It Started

The Glen-TSI Projects Joint Venture is a majority owned, Indigenous-led joint venture between Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc (TSI) and Glen Traffic Solutions (GTS).

The story behind the Glen-TSI Projects Joint Venture is all about a solid friendship between CG and GD, the CEO and Director of Glen Group, respectively, and our Indigenous partners, Steven and Bryan. Their friendship evolved not just as business collaborators but as friends who share a passion for community and mutual respect.

The journey started when CG and GD recognized the invaluable perspectives that Steven and Bryan brought to the table. Their insights, rooted in their Indigenous heritage, became the heart of our joint venture. They have built something special together, blending the expertise from Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc (TSI) and Glen Traffic Solutions (GTS) to offer a bunch of services covering everything from project planning to traffic management and support services.

At Glen Group, we’re proud to highlight the Glen-TSI Projects Joint Venture as a testament to our commitment to fostering strong relationships with Indigenous communities. It’s not just about business; it’s about embracing diversity, showing respect, and working together towards shared success. This collaboration isn’t just a partnership; it’s a story of friendship turning into something remarkable.

Glen Traffic Solutions (GTS)

Glen Traffic Solutions (GTS) is a traffic management company with high business values, ethics and professionalism. Our corporate culture is built on 5 core values – Effective, Innovative, Sense of pride, Commitment, and Integrity. GTS staff consists of highly trained and BCCSA certified traffic control persons, Lane closure technicians and office personnel committed to making each project professional, safe and stress free.

Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. (TSI)

Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. (TSI) is an award winning Indigenous-owned business providing water truck, street sweeping, busing and marine logistical services. With a wide array of marine and ground charter and cleaning services, TSI’s team have successfully delivered large infrastructure projects throughout Southern British Columbia while maintaining its reputation for high standards and adaptability since 2011. They are also the 2021 BC Achievement Foundation’s Business of the Year (11+ person enterprise).

Our Services

Integrating TSI’s acclaimed 4 Pillars for Operations: Safety, Reliability, Adaptability and Customer Service, our services are cost effective, flexibility and designed specific to your project needs. Our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

With our experienced and knowledgeable team, the safe and quality delivery of your project is our guarantee.