Tsawwassen Constructors Joint Venture (TCJV) is a majority-owned Indigenous-based partnership between Tsawwassen Shuttles Inc. (TSI) and Delta Aggregates  Ltd.  

The partnership has been formed to support construction projects while  supporting the indigenous  community. Our partnership is unique in that both partners are  involved in the execution of the works and each bring  value to the project. TCJV is currently providing construction services to the Nordel Interchange Project  located in Delta BC. TCJV is capable of supplying bonds  for construction projects.

Dynamic and innovative, Tsawwassen Shuttle Inc. (TSI) is an award winning Indigenous business  and the largest employer within Tsawwassen Nation. 

Operating in Tsawwassen/Delta since 2011, TSI first started as Stark Transportation focusing on marine  services for environmental and fisheries research. Through the research and vision of Steven Stark, its owner and CEO, this operation with a reputation  for excellence in service delivery evolved to a much-broadened  service profile as TSI in 2015 to meet the growing demands of the market. In its current enhanced service  structure TSI has been awarded various large contracts for infrastructure projects while maintaining its reputation for high standards and adaptability. 

Fully committed to offering a wide range of land and marine charters, Steven and his team of licensed  professionals hold steadfast in providing the highest standards of safety and business practices in  all transportation services. From their modern fleet of buses, street  sweepers and water trucks to their marine vessels, all transport vehicles are equipped with up to  date monitoring and performance equipment in accordance with government and safety requirements and regulations. TSI prides itself on consistently providing operational excellence to client via its 4 Pillars for Operations: 

SAFETY – no compromises 
RELIABILITY – peace of mind for clients 
ADAPTABILITY – evolving and  growing with the market 
CUSTOMER SERVICE – helpful and accessible staff 

Delta Aggregates Ltd. is a civil construction company incorporated  in 1967, and is based out of Delta, B.C. with vast experience in the Lower Mainland.

We provide a full range of civil construction services, some of which include: pre-loads, bulk excavations, earthwork works/excavation, road works, site  grading, in-stream works, mass wall construction, structural drainage, site development, and utility installations. 

Delta Aggregates Ltd. has served a broad range of clients; from developers, districts and municipalities, to partnering with some of the largest contractors in Canada to construct projects in BC and across Western Canada. 

Delta Aggregates Ltd. has embraced advances in technology within our industry. Whether it’s estimating and change management through use of Bid2Win or our fleet of heavy equipment fitted with the latest GPS  technology, we remain at the cutting edge of industry development.  

Delta Aggregates Ltd. is committed to minimizing potentially harmful effects on the environment and to contributing to sustainable development through balancing our business aims with environmental considerations. We are accustomed to adhering to and working under regulations and the various governmental bylaws and procedures.