TSI offers school districts, businesses and organizations affordable access to transportation charter services for a variety of needs and special events throughout the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Regional Districts.

TSI operations include transportation services for school children, employee worksite transportation and general community bus and shuttle services. Our fleet of well-equipped reliable vehicles and our certified and licensed professional drivers will get you where you need to go safely and on time.

TSI’s shuttle bus transportation specializes in:

  • Daily School Bus Services – Elementary and Secondary Students
  • School Field Trips
  • Summer School and Exchange Student Programs
  • Sports Teams
  • Community Events
  • Daytrips/Outings for Elders and Seniors Organizations
  • Construction Employee Shuttle Services
  • Corporate/Business Events, Meetings and Office Commuting
  • Other Customized Services and Special Events.

Passenger Safety is the #1 Priority at TSI

  • Our drivers demonstrate a high level of professionalism, competency, capability and commitment to passengers at all times.
  • Our drivers have a valid Class 2 driver’s license (with air brake) and new hires have a minimum of 2 years commercial passenger driving experience.
  • Our drivers follow all safety procedures as required by provincial and federal government regulations and are in full compliance of rules regarding seatbelt use, speed limits, defensive driving, distracted driving and zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use.
  • Our driver’s duties and responsibilities begin with the completion of safety and operational checks of the vehicle and special equipment requirements prior to all trips.
  • Our drivers are educated and trained in the proper and appropriate usage of vehicle warning devices, fire extinguishers, on-board security cameras and personal protective equipment.
  • Our drivers are subject to ongoing evaluations for a multitude of driving skills including the safe use and operation of company vehicles, road tests and internal audits for performance.
  • 0ur passengers are transported on scheduled routes in a timely and safe manner in adherence to all traffic laws and rules of the road.

TSI School Bus Driver Procedures

  • Designate assigned seats for students from kindergarten through the 8th grade if requested by parents or school authorities.
  • Assist any student with limited mobility or restricted capacity during loading and offloading.
  • Rigidly adhere to the bus route schedule and time for pickup and return trip.
  • Have complete awareness and knowledge of all students on their respective route and ensure that all children are fully accounted for at pickup and drop off times (i.e. Leave no child behind alarm system).
  • Display a courteous, respectful and pleasant demeanour at all times in the presence of parents, students, school personnel and the general motoring public.