TSI offers a wide range of marine services throughout the coastal areas of British Columbia, Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the Port of Vancouver.

Specializing in ‘Grey Goose Charters’ our fleet of vessels is equipped with up to date monitoring and performance equipment in accordance with all Transport Canada safety requirements.

TSI offers marine services for:

  • Grey Goose Charters – General Boat Charters and Coastal Marine Tours
  • Marine Environmental Impact and Assessment Studies
  • Marine Botany and Biology Projects
  • Water Sampling and Assessment Studies
  • Habitat Assessment Research for Salmon, Crab/Shellfish and Other Species
  • Marine Environment Clean-Up Assistance
  • Crew Services and Equipment Transport for Port, Rail and Marine Construction Projects
  • Charters for Movie Location Scouting, Filming and Crew Transport
  • Emergency Rescue and Site Safety Vessel Procedures
  • Customized Water Taxi Services and Special Events

Passenger Safety is the #1 Priority at TSI

  • Our company personnel and crew-members are fully trained and certified in marine operations with all required industry designations for vessel, passenger and crew transportation services.
  • Our company personnel and staff are fully trained and certified in life saving procedures for vessel, passenger and crew safety including evacuation procedures in case of emergency.
  • We have an industry leading safety protocol in place for pre-trip checklists. Sailing plan details and route information are documented and filed for each marine excursion.
  • Our marine personnel are subject to ongoing evaluations for vessel operations, safety skills and passenger transport to ensure compliance of all industry rules and regulations.
  • Our marine vessels, operational and navigation equipment and life saving apparatus are Transport Canada approved.
  • Our passengers and marine personnel are equipped with Transport Canada approved Life Jackets and PDF’s (Personal Flotation Devices).